5 effective tools for motivation marketing

Posted June 18, 2016 by Elliot
Motivation Marketing

5 effective tools for motivation marketing

On the one hand, the employees of the marketing department is just the same as other employees: they like to feel safe at work, like to be appreciated and like physical evidence of recognition. On the other hand, marketing staff are completely other employees than others. Their work largely takes place outside the company for market research, talking with customers and analyzing competition. Therefore, effective employee motivation marketers should not only appreciate effort and reward results, but also strengthen the bond and understanding of these workers with the rest of the company.

5 below presented tools that slice of the possibilities that has manager marketing team. Perhaps your company apply some of them, perhaps only one. Or maybe none of you will fall to your taste but will inspire you to create your own.

Tool 1 publication

Publication of the research results in the form of brochures, report or article, is a strong motivation, especially for those employees who handle information gathering, selecting them, processing and interpreting. Such work requires skills in analysis, critical and objective look at the problem investigated. The publication includes the statement or commentary by the director of senior emphasizes the value of your work, and their role in making management decisions.

Tool 2 exhibition

Engineers, technicians, technologists are the creators of the product. They are directly connected with the values and usefulness of the product produced and sold by the company. For them, the important is the ability to expose their copyright achievements structural and linking their achievements with success on the market. Well suited for the role of corporate museums and occasional exhibitions, also in collaboration with external institutions, eg. Universities, foundations supporting young people.

Tool 3 dedicated time and access to specialized information

Information is a total of fairly cheap currency. Subscribe to magazines, pay for participation in the one-day thematic conference, creating a library of valuable titles, inviting interesting experts for short meetings with employees this marketing staff develop their knowledge of the market, identify needs, establish contacts, and expand general knowledge and strengthen confidence.

Tool 4 freedom of action

The promotion is the tool of the marketing mix that gives the greatest scope for employees wishing to draw attention to the company. Thinking of specialists from the promotion, we think about the people independent, well versed in the product range, economic and legal conditions of sale, and at the same imaginative, able to listen and who like to maintain contacts. Freedom of tasks allows such workers to spread its wings and achieve above-average results.

Tool 5 participation in the financial result

Any successes, improvements and innovations introduced in the marketing department can have a big impact on the overall results of the company. Ordinary feedback "With the recent campaign jumped on the chair market leader" does not fully reflect the atmosphere of success and optimistic for further efforts. Meanwhile, an additional injection of cash (even in the form of paid-up evening in a restaurant) shows the measurable result of ingenuity and creativity of employees of the marketing department. It created a common history, shared experience, which can be referenced in the difficult moments and the most demanding projects. It's like in the case of promotion to the prestigious sports events if the club receives in this respect extra pay, why has it not to share with the players? After they ran a victory on the pitch, right?